Monday, June 21, 2010

Popsicles, Pools, and Pedicures

Summer is here :)...
Bridget and Alina both have pink toenails :)...They are enjoying popsicles and the little baby pool in our backyard...
Emmy is a great helper with her little sisters. They both adore her!

Alina is always making this face:

And this one :)...I have so much more to say, and so little that summer is here and all the kids are, too ;).


  1. I love the pretty, pink toes!! The girls are so precious!!

  2. Beautiful pictures are words enough! So glad to see them happy!

  3. Summer is brief-live it! We'll wait 'til fall for the pictures.:) Your girls are so sweet!

  4. oh lisa, these pictures are YUMMY!
    these girls, your girls, just made my whole day. is it crazy to say i love them? but i so do. i know you're very busy, but you've been missed. badly. i need a big update ok??!! hugs, my friend!

  5. Miss your updates too but OH SO BUSY over here too...haven't even had time to get the camera out let alone write an update!!! YIKES!

  6. Great pics--love the girls' pretty toes!! Contact Kristin for my number, we are in OH if you want your gang to go to any ballgames! :) (Kristin F's sis)

  7. I think of her picture on Reeces Rainbow, and I just can't believe she is the same little girl! She looks fantastic, and I just love her little faces! :)


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