Monday, June 7, 2010

Toddlers Gone Wild

Who would think that the two little girls pictured above would be such trouble :)?

These two monkeys decided together that nap time is overrated, escaped from their beds (Bridget from her crib and Alina from her PeaPod sleeping tent) and trashed their room this past weekend! (Alina is in the sleeping tent because she had already figured out how to get out of the pack and play and the crib.)

We are not sure who instigated the whole event, but both took part equally.

Bridget emptied all of the drawers and Alina shredded an entire 500-piece box of tissues. When their plot was foiled, Bridget was sitting on top of the dresser, and Alina was back in her sleeping tent covered by enough torn-up Kleenex to fuel a ticker-tape parade.

They are both now the proud owners of matching (blue camouflage, the only pattern available when we purchased the first one two years ago) PeaPod tents tied shut with pink and white ribbons ;).

The girls can see each other through the mesh windows on the tents, which they love. And the Dynamic Duo is safe once again.


  1. Cute! Amazing what little tots can do in the line of destruction! ;-)
    I've never heard of tents like these - interesting!

  2. We used the tent for traveling initially. It is completely portable, with a self-inflating internal mattress. There are zippers on the inside, though, so unless the outside zippers are secured, kids can let themselves out (great for older kids, not so great for busy toddlers). Hence, the ribbons ;).

    Each of the sides has a mesh portion which can be covered or not, which means that the tent has great air flow. The darker fabric on the tent has been great for sleeping and blocking out some of the light. Our girls really like these! And they are so convenient...

  3. www.findinghunter.blogspot.comMonday, June 07, 2010

    Adorable little mischief makers :)

  4. LOL:) I have to say, I am NOT surprised that those partners in crime were able to reap such HAVOC..........I have found, that our little ones, happen to be EXTREMELY clever!!

    Oh, the mischief they will get into it :) Look on the bright side, they are SHARING the duty, rather than blaming each other.

    Bridget and Alina both get an A+ for "teamwork" :)

  5. This post made me giggle!!

  6. One day they will realize that naps are of the utmost importance. :) I can't survive without them at least once a week! :) Glad the girls are having so much fun together--even if it's more work for Mom.


  7. I am truly laughing out loud!! After The Skink made her series of escapes (and not knowing about this cool little tent) we actually considered - for a brief moment - use of a dog crate. We ended up going the other way, baby-proofing her room, and converting her crib to a toddler bed. I can SOOOOO relate to this post, but I have only one Skink!

  8. I've always wondered about those travel pods... now I see an EXTRA bonus :)

  9. They were pretty clever...but your one smart mama! :) I would have never thought of that! Too Cute!

  10. OMG! This post cracks me up!!! Oh so darn cute those troublemakers! What is it with shredding tissue and toilet paper...Joaquin LOVES this activity :)

  11. Sounds like two clever, adorable little girls having lots of fun! Good solution, Mama.


  12. HA! They look so cute in their tents, smiling ear to ear!

  13. LOL.. sorry, but I love the kleenex. :) Too cute!


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