Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Glimpse

...of life over here :).

More soon...I promise.


  1. that's kind of a 'magical' picture with the way the sun is on it....beautiful.

  2. How precious! I love that her hair is growing and she's turning into a little princess. LOVE IT!

  3. Way too cute. I love her hair growing out. So much fun she must be...

  4. Look at your little fairy princess!! Her hair is growing too! What a difference a few months makes. Can't wait to see more than a "glimpse" of what's been going on with the Peele's this summer--especially the newest one.

    Please give my sister a call so some or all of you can go to a Clippers game. She's very excited to meet you guys! I think she's there until Aug. 4th this time around.

  5. Lovely Alina...too cute in her fairy/princess outfit!


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