Friday, April 9, 2010

Pieces of Life Here

We picked up the official referral paperwork today which allows us to meet Alina! There are street vendors right near the SDA building, and we asked our driver if he could wait a few minutes so that we could to do a little bit of shopping. We found a few items to take back home for the kids and for Alina's memory box.

Small Ukrainian flags and colored pencils in the style of the traditional Matryoshka dolls are a few of the items we decided on yesterday. Bartering with the street vendors was interesting. In the end, we got a small discount...not a substantial one :). We had a wonderful time browsing items of particular meaning to this country and it's rich culture. I plan to take more pictures of some of the shops and vendors so others can see what we're seeing. This is a beautiful, fascinating country!


  1. hi lisa!
    i'm so thankful for these updates.
    it's late here and i should be sleeping. instead, i'm thinking of you and your husband and alina.
    i am praying over and over again with such a hopeful heart. i continue to ask God to bring alina to you soon and for your safe return. i know in all of this, this journey you are on, it is Him that has brought you here and i'm so very grateful just to bear witness to it.
    it's so strange how this little teeny tiny piece of our children's genetic puzzle has brought you to me, but again, i'm just so grateful. you are inspiring and awesome.
    i can not wait to see what He does next.
    wishing you all the joy a mother's heart can hold tomorrow and the next few days as you and alina are united!
    all my love,


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